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Baby Top
Baby conTroll

A Reverse Hot Potato, King of The Hill Battler made at FutureGames. As one of Trolls you must capture the Lost Baby before anyone else.


Your goal is to pick up the baby and hold on to it until you win. But the other trolls are going to try their best to take it from you.

Project Details

Platform: PC

Genre: Local Multiplayer Brawler

Engine & Tools: Unreal Engine, Blueprints

Development: Two weeks

Team: Three Game Designers, three 3D-artists

My Work
System & Technical Design

During this project I was the system designer for the players abilities being: Dashing and Punching.

Here is a display of the blueprints I crafted over these two weeks.

Punch Showcase

Punch/Stun Blueprint

Dash Blueprint

Dash Showcase

What I learned

While working on this project I got more used to using blueprints and got a greater understand of systems in general.


This was my first small project in Unreal Engine 4, and it became a great opportunity for me to learn how the engine worked and getting used to Code Collaboration (Perforce).

Working with graphic artists for the first time made me realize how important communication is.

So to not fall into that trap we all made sure to have stand up meeting at the start of everyday, so that everyone is on par with what everyone is up to.

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