Clanker Gangs

A turn-based strategy game made at FutureGames. Take on the bandits and reclaim the town.

Your goal is to strategize against the enemy and defeat the bandits while keeping your mercenaries alive. 

Project Details

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy, Action 

Engine & Tools: Unity, Perforce

Development: Seven weeks

Team: Three Game Designers, three 3D-artists

My Work
Level Design

During this project, I was the lead designer for the level layout, it was my task to make the level suitable for a strategy game.

My goal was to make sure that the level itself would be interesting and engaging, while also balancing so that both sides were equal.

The blockout idea.png
Lesson Learned

Although we didn't manage to make the "perfect map", I at least figured out what my mistakes were to learn from them.

The Level

When developing the level we went through a lot of different ideas. The only certain thing was the obstacle in the middle of the map.

Ingame Puzzles
Project Manager

I wanted to go outside my comfort zone a little so I took the role as the project manager for this project.


As a project manager I made sure to document everything in our Miro and keep track of what everyone was doing so that no one was left emptyhanded.

By my side I had a CO project manager, and if it wasn't for his help and teaching, then the managing wouldn't have gone as well as it did.

He became a good role model for me to follow and mold myself after. By the end of the project I became a lot better at managing everything, and felt a lot more comfortable with the role itself.

My tasks as a leader

As the project manager, my role was following up on the prioritization of features, and managing scope. Most importantly, I learned how to re-prioritize and sharpen my prioritization skills in general, which enabled us to tryout different game ideas.

What I learned

This is my second big project and I wanted to make sure to learn from it, and I defiantly did.

Managing a Project

I was taught a big range of things like how to manage a projecthow it feels to work with programmers, how to re-prioritize things, the importance of time managing, manage a project and the team working with it, and much more

See the bigger picture

This has so far been the most educational project I've worked on and been a great insight on how much there is for me to learn, which has only made my passion for design greater.