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Clanker Gangs

A turn-based strategy game made at FutureGames. Take on the bandits and reclaim the town.

Your goal is to strategize against the enemy and defeat the bandits while keeping your trio of mercenaries alive. 

Project Details

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy, Action 

Engine & Tools: Unity, Perforce

Development: Seven weeks

Team: Three Game Designers, three 3D-artists

My Work
Level Design

During this project, I was the lead designer for the level layout, it was my task to make the level appropriate for a strategy game.

My personal aim was to establish an exciting and engaging level for the player, while also allowing free movement and play for strategic thinking. 

The Level
PaperP Town.png

The goal for the level was to create a well-balanced map both for the player and the AI, so it wouldn't get too unfair on either party. While other games that share similarities use a grid-based movement system, our team decided to try and innovate with a grid-free system which allowed us to design our levels more unconditionally - with considerably more leeway for movement options, player agency, and level interaction.

Finalized Map Design
Finishing Touch 

When set-dressing the level I strived to make it feel dried up and dull. I did this by making things very monotone in color and using a mixture of sand and cracks to sell the illusion that the down has died out. I'm satisfied with the story the map tells and how balanced it all felt.

What I learned

This was my third big project and I wanted to make sure to make it memorable.

Don't Be afraid
See the bigger picture

While developing this project, we didn't receive the force we all hoped for. This imposed us to take on roles that were out of our depths occasionally. While this was scary, I quickly came to the conclusion that we're capable of so much more as long as we're willing to fail a couple of times and learn from the mistake we make.

This was a very educational project, it taught me how important having a team can be, which gave me an appreciable insight into the importance of every role. I'm proud to say that this has done nothing but increase my desire for improving and learning more about making games.

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